Mon Paris Pâtisserie is pleased to celebrate its first Noël with a selection of holiday pastries, cakes and confections born from centuries of France’s holiday traditions.



The most typique of French holiday desserts, the bûche de Noël first emerged in the 19th century as a companion to the traditional Yule Log that was burned during the Christmas Eve Réveillon, or dinner party. Mon Paris Pâtisserie offers two versions:



North Pole: A modern twist on a true classique, this 8-inch bûche de Noël is made with a hazelnut génoise sponge cake frosted with a chestnut mousse and candied chestnuts. The cake is then sprinkled with chocolate biscuit, coated in a dark chocolate mousse and finished in a dark mirror glaze. Serves 8-10 people. ($45)








Winter Cherry: A delicate take on the more traditional North Pole, this 8-inch bûche de Noël is made with Japanese biscuit layered with a cherry and kirsche confit and finished in vanilla mousseline cream and white-chocolate bark. Serves 8-10 people ($38)








These individual bûches de Noël are approximately 3” in length and come in three varieties ($5.65 ea.):

Banana and Cognac: Bananas flambéed in Courvoisier, a light banana mousse, milk chocolate and hazelnut crunch

Orange Crème Brûlée: Orange crème brûlée with Cointreau, dark chocolate mousse, sesame seed crunch

North Pole: Hazelnut génoise, chestnut mousse, candied chestnuts finished in dark mirror glaze



SAPIN AU CHOCOLAT (Chocolate Christmas Tree)

Built up croquembouche style, the 10” Christmas tree is made using high-quality milk or dark chocolate and garnished with up to five varieties of handmade assorted chocolates in flavours such as Coconut & Passion Fruit Truffle, Dark Chocolate Earl Grey, and Milk Chocolate & Smooth Caramel. Weight: 270g. ($36)







BOULE DE NOEL (Chocolate Ornament)

Handmade in either milk or white chocolate, this tabletop ornament is exquisitely decorated with a colourful glaze and contains two assorted “surprise” chocolates inside. ($23)